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Technology Companies started by SKL Alumni

ToupTek Photonics
ToupTek was founded in 2010. For years, ToupTek dedicated all effort to provide the best cameras and services to our customers. By now, ToupTek has the most complete product portfolio, including USB2.0 camera, USB3.0 camera, HDMI camera and WI-FI camera. The cameras could be with or without external trigger, TE-cooling system. The types of sensors could range from the most popular CMOS to the most advanced CCD. Besides the products mentioned above, ToupTek offers OEM and ODM services , including PCB design, software OEM, system integration and so on. Field YU, the CTO of ToupTek Photonics, obtained his Ph.D. degree in a top Chinese university. He also has postdoctoral research experiences in HKUST (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) and NUS (National University of Singapore).

With rich working experience, Field YU has a wide range of academic exchanges and collaborations with San Diego State University, University of Central Florida, Colorado State University, Rochester University, Arizona State University, University of South California and electrical engineering department of HKUST & NUS.

In his design of intelligent household monitoring camera lens, sports camera lens and vehicle monitoring camera lens, Field YU completed nearly 50 models in just half a year. Recently he even made a great progress in the field of VR – Field YU designed various models of 210 degrees panoramic lens and managed to industrialize them. The best-seller of the lenses sells 1 million units in a single month.

In ToupTek, with his profound knowledge in optics, Field YU showed his deep understanding of the microscope optical system of the world’s top four brands (Zeiss, Leica, Nikon, Olympus) and famous Chinese brands in product design. The optical lens and interfaces he design could reach the diffraction limit and made a great success. In the optical low magnification microscopic zoom lens field, Field YU designed a variety of continuous zoom lens, all of them have achieved a good optical quality parfocality performance and can reach diffraction limit under different magnifications.



Hong Kong Innovative Display Technology Limited (i-Display)
Hong Kong Innovative Display Technology Limited (i-Display) is a diversified technology company focusing on improving people’s lives through innovation in the areas of Display Technology, Consumer Electronics and Retail Technology by providing novel display products, consumer electronics and retail technology solutions. The Electronic Shelf Label System presents commodities' price in a clear, reliable and effective way. Using advanced Bistable E-paper LCDs, such labels feature low power consumption. The wireless system enables simultaneous price adjustment for massive number of products and thus saves time, manpower and paper. The management software can merge with existing retail system to real-time control and monitor the price and sales as well as provides accurate price information to the customers. i-Display has won the second prize in the 2014 Inno-China Entrepreneurship Competition.

Advertag is the latest Electronic Smart Label (ESL) system. You can easily update lots of product information and price by Advertag. It has a HD full color LCD to display rich and vivid information to customers. The data is updated by Wi-Fi wireless connection.


Shenzhen NED Optics Co. Ltd
Shenzhen NED Optics Co. Ltd was established in January, 2015. It was founded by Huajun Peng, who received his PhD in flat panel display and optoelectronics in The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. They have profound technology accumulation in information display and visual imaging optics, and focus on AR/VR/MR headsets. The company provides optical design and solutions, as well as R&D, production and sales of products for consumer electronics, industrial, medical, security, communications, and other industries. The GOOVIS personal theater is researched and developed by NED Optics. It offers users a brand new and high-quality way for viewing movies.














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